zDocs Pro

Fast, easy-to-use Windows software to write, scan, archive and view documents!

zDocs Pro was born out of a very practical business need.

I (Kim) worked in the financial services business for over 35 years. During that time, and as computer capacity improved, I looked at our CRM at the time (not Zoho) and decided that I wanted to have all Contact documents and records attached and accessible in that CRM.

At the time, and even yet today, there were many document management systems and software packages. There were also a number of document scanning systems, with a wide variety of features.

The problem I saw was that each system that I tested had some document creation/storage feature, but there was not a single program that brought the most practical and intuitive features together in one place. Most of them required multiple manual steps, and involved opening up the document creation programs to finish the document. I found that process slow and tedious, and quickly grew tired of the manual work involved.

So I figured, why not, I'll just write a software program that connects to that desktop CRM, to do the work for me. Of course, easier said than done.

That program formed the basis and the concept for zDocs Pro. When I finished the program for the old CRM, and ran it, I found that my productivity took a quantum leap! Now, I could just go to a Contact record, and from there I could open a related program from that Contact screen to write and scan documents.

When I first saw Zoho CRM, I knew that this was a better CRM to integrate my program with. I also knew that I wanted a tighter integration of the CRM and the document writing and scanning features. After much trial and error I finally came up with an ideal solution. Instead of connecting my program to the Zoho CRM, I would 'wrap' my program AROUND Zoho.

Once I made that discovery, the pieces fell into place. In zDocs Pro, the complete Zoho CRM service is fully active and available, and all of the document writing, scanning and viewing features are wrapped around the Zoho platform! Eureka!

I found out that there is an amazing boost in productivity when I can create and access documents so quickly and easily using the Zoho CRM. Now, it's as simple as going to a record, and all of the document features pop up, ready to use. Finding documents back is so unbelievably fast and easy that the document features seem to be a seamless part of the Zoho CRM.

Now, it is my goal that all Zoho CRM users that need to create, store and retrieve documents can have the same benefits. The free Trial will show you just how much this comprehensive yet easy-to-use program can help you, too!

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