zDocs Pro

Fast, easy-to-use Windows software to write, scan, archive and view documents!

How do I begin using zDocs Pro?

Read the program requirements, then click the button below to download and save a copy of the Setup program. The Setup program will be downloaded to your default web browser download directory. Then, click on the program file to start the Setup program.

When you run the program, your computer will be checked for compatibility by verifying the required programs are installed. From there you can download, install, and run the Installation program.

Requirements to run and use zDocs Pro:

  • A Subscription to Zoho CRM

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher - Windows 10 recommended
  • MS Word – 2007 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard, Professional, or Reader
  • Computer memory: 2gb or greater (we recommend 8gb)

Recommended to run and use zDocs Pro:
  • An active Printer – can be a local or a network printer.
  • An active document Scanner – to take advantage of the document scanning feature
  • Zoho Docs (zDocs Pro tightly integrates with Zoho Docs. See documentation.)

Once the program is installed and operating, you have a 21-day free no-obligation Trial period where all program features are active and available, and you can create and view an unlimited number of documents. This is a great opportunity to find out if zDocs Pro is right for you! Take the time to use the enhanced features of the program to increase your productivity and make your day just a little bit brighter. Refer to the Help file for reference, and check back soon for Videos that we will be posting to this website.

After the trial period has expired, the program will continue as a free version with a weekly limited number (5 daily each) of document writes, scans and views. No documents or settings will be lost, and Zoho CRM data is not affected.

The full zDocs Pro program is offered on a Subscription basis. Subscription choices include Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Terms. Within the Setup menu in the program are the options to select and subscribe to one of 4 Subscription terms:

 Subscription Plan
 Subscription Price
 Always Free:
Annual: $120.00 (best value)

You will be able to track your Subscription status in the Setup menu in zDocs Pro. When your Subscription term is coming due, simply resubscribe to extend your Subscription.

Try zDocs Pro today, and enjoy the full benefits of the program, plus all program enhancements and upgrades for the life of your Subscription -even the Free version!

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