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Fast, easy-to-use Windows software to write, scan, archive and view documents!
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   Why Zdocs Pro? Understanding how zDocs Pro can increase your productivity.
   Application Overview See this one first! Gives you an introduction to zDocs Pro.
   Initial Installation How to download and install zDocs Pro.
   Setup Menu - coming soon Modify program settings, select your Scanner, and other settings.
   Setup MS Word Templates Getting ready to write the first document,  create new templates.
   Writing one or more documents - coming soon How to write your first document(s).
   Using the Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Word - coming soon Create and edit mail merge templates in MS Word (website).
   Setup scanning Buttons - coming soon Getting ready to scan - setting up the scan buttons for one-click scanning.
   Scanning a new document - coming soon How to scan your first document.
   Saved Documents - coming soon Learn this powerful feature to easily view written and scanned documents.
   Search for Saved Document - coming soon Quickly find a saved document for any Zoho CRM contact record.
   Using the Help System - coming soon Our context-sensitive Help system complements these videos.
   Searching for a Record - coming soon Using the enhanced Search feature to find records easier in Zoho CRM.
   Integrating with Zoho Docs - coming soon Find out how to use Zoho Docs (website) with zDocs Pro - a powerful combination!
   Return on Investment Calculator Calculate how much you can save using zDocs Pro vs. your current system (download)